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Hala 5 - A 13 FOR ARCH
2N is the world's leading manufacturer of IP intercoms and a significant innovator in the field of IP access control systems and IP elevator communicators. The company was founded in 1991 in the Czech Republic. Currently, it has more than 360 employees and subsidiaries in the USA, United Kingdom ...
Hala 1 - B 12 FOR INTERIOR
Comfortable and healthy seating for the entire family.
Hala 2 - C 2 FOR ARCH
Hala 5 - B 23 FOR ARCH
Decentral, local and semi-central ventilation systems with no central distribution, up to 91% regeneration or recovery. We also offer high-quality air purifiers.
Hala 4 - A 8 FOR ARCH
Producer of low energy and passive wood buildings.
Hala 3 - B 6 FOR ARCH
Hala 4 - B 16 FOR ARCH
Materials for surface treatment of wood and stone. Coating for interior and exterior.
Hala 5 - C 3 FOR ARCH
Hala 3 - A 9 FOR ARCH
Windows, sliding and entrance doors for passive and low-energy houses.
Hala 8 - A 4 FOR ARCH