Zehnder Group Czech Republic s.r.o.

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Czech Republic
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Company profile
Decorative radiators for bathrooms and living rooms, comfortable indoor ventilation with heat recovery.
3.3.6. - Radiators
• Designové koupelnové a bytové radiátory.
3.8.3. - Equipment for air inlet and exhaust
• Komfortní větrání s rekuperací tepla.
3.8.9. - Use of waste heat, recuperation
• Komfortní větrání s rekuperací tepla.
New at the Exhibition
Comfortable indoor ventilation system with heat recovery
The Swiss company Zehnder is the largest European manufacturer of ventilation units with heat recovery for family houses and apartments with a long tradition. Zehnder develops and supplies not only ventilation units, but a complete system with highly hygienic air distribution system and design grilles and valves. Adjusted, easily combinable elements enable an installation in top quality for the highest customer satisfaction. Individual offers tailored to customer requirements. Technical proposals free of charge, with prices and detailed list of material included.
Zehnder ComfoClime - comfortable tempered fresh air all year round
The new Zehnder ComfoClime climate module is designed for reheating, cooling and dehumidifying the air in a controlled ventilation system with heat recovery. Together with the comfortable Zehnder ComfoAir Q ventilation unit, it ensures permanently fresh, clean air with an optimized temperature in the house. Using of inverter air-to-air heat pump technology increases energy efficiency. 100% fresh air, no recirculation. Plug & Play solution is easy to control via app. It helps to obtain a better environmental category.
Zehnder Decorative radiators for bathrooms and living rooms
Unique decorative radiators for bathrooms and living rooms not only make your home warmer, but also more beautiful. Designed by well-known designers and convincing due to outstanding functionality. New world of colors. Design radiators available in almost 50 colors, chrome and stainless steel. Their wealth of shapes, colours, dimensions and functions provides inspiration for interior design. Zehnder Kazeane - wins you over with its modern design and sense of practicality, bestseller. Zehnder Charleston - the original steel tubular radiator.
Zehnder Charleston Retrofit - a simple replacement for cast iron radiators
The steel sectional radiator in the Retrofit design enables installation on existing distribution systems without major structural modifications – thanks to the identical pitch of the side connection. Production by laser welding, 100% tightness of joints. Specially developed base and top powder coating guarantees smooth surface with a long service life. Radiators are supplied in one piece in the required number of cells, color and connection according to the order. Fast ramp-up to the required temperature (from 20 °C to 65 °C in 4 minutes). In stock at selected distributors, favorable conditions.