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Hala 6 - B 14 FOR INTERIOR
Hala 4 - B 20 FOR ARCH
Production of artificial rocks, stones and trees to the gardens and pools from concrete.
Hala 4 - B 8 FOR ARCH
Quick, concrete free foundations - ground screws.
Hala 3 - C 3 FOR ARCH
Hala 4 - C 13 FOR ARCH
Jean Desjoyaux swimming pools and accessories, roofing without rails.
Hala 4 - C 9 FOR ARCH
Construction, reconstruction and modernization of swimming pools or public swimming pools. Swimming pools, titanium pools, waterparks, rehabilitation pools, public or family swimming pools, stainless whirlpools, pool attractions and accessories, wellness & spa.
Hala 3 - A 4a, Hala 5 - B 12 FOR ARCH
Mediální partner FOR INTERIOR
Hala 5 - D 13 FOR ARCH