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Hala 2 - C 16 FOR ARCH
Complete CAD/CAM/BIM software solutions.
Hala 2 - C 9 FOR ARCH
Workwear, footwear, gloves, outdoor.
Hala 1 - A 12 FOR INTERIOR
Mediální partner FOR INTERIOR
Hala 5 - D 1 FOR ARCH
The Guild of Stove Fitters of the Czech Republic is a professional association of experts in the stove fitting sector, i.e. designing, implementation and servicing of interior fireplaces, tile stoves and ovens. The guild holds professional seminars, creates legislation and cooperates in educational ...
Mediální partner FOR ARCH
Hala 5 - D 15 FOR ARCH
Advisory Center of the Heating Engineers and Plumbers Guild of the Czech Republic.
Hala 3 - A 17 FOR ARCH
Hala 4 - A 6 FOR ARCH