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Hala 1 - A 14 FOR INTERIOR
Hala 2 - D 6 FOR ARCH
Mediální partner FOR INTERIOR
Mediální partner FOR ARCH
Hala 3 - A 1 FOR ARCH
Hala 5 - D 7 FOR ARCH
We are an exclusively Czech manufacturing company with 13 manufacturing and trading companies in 9 European countries. Our offer includes complete range of electric heating solutions: heating cables and mats, heating films, radiant panels, hot-air and radiant convectors, residential and industrial ...
Hala 3 - B 2 FOR ARCH
Hala 5 - C 1 FOR ARCH
Czech company FLAMEN distributes fireplaces and stoves brands of the highest quality and perfect design. ROCAL = perfect design, NORSK KLEBER = with heat accumulation of up to 12 hours per one application.
Hala 2 - B 30 FOR ARCH
Flower furniture, gravel stabiliser Nidagravel, vertical gardens, flower bulbs.
Hala 4 - A 3, Hala 4 - A 4 FOR ARCH