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Hala 3 - B 11 FOR ARCH
Conservatories and roof constructions directly from the producer. Official partner of TS Aluminium in the CR. Visit us in the biggest showroom of the conservatories in the CR, in Praha, Statenice.
Hala 6 - C 17 FOR INTERIOR
Hala 5 - B 13 FOR ARCH
We do not only produce fireplace and pellet stoves, fireplace inserts and fireplace sets. We can cleverly tame the fire. We give it different packaging, exactly to your taste. We are creating a home with you. You are enjoying QUALITY TIME.
Hala 4 - A 7 FOR ARCH
Haas wooden constructions, that is tradition and many years of experience. The Haas Fertigbau company is part of the German concern Haas Group, which has been operating on the European market for 50 years and has almost 60,000 constructions to its credit. We offer a wide range of model houses, but ...
Mediální partner FOR INTERIOR
Vstupní hala I FOR INTERIOR
Hala 4 - B 11 FOR ARCH
Hanscraft, the quality producer of whirlpools and saunas in the Czech Republic! Czech whirlpools, mobile whirlpools, Swim Spa pools with countercurrent. Visit the largest manufacturer and distributor of whirlpools and saunas in the Czech Republic!
Hala 5 - D 10 FOR ARCH
Exclusive importer of fireplace stoves, fireplaces and cookers by six leading European producers.
Hala 2 - B 8 FOR ARCH
Bricks, ceilings, lintels, mortar materials, chimneys, bands and pavings.