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Hala 1 - A 13 FOR INTERIOR
Since 1934 we have been producing wooden tables, chairs and furniture. Our specialty are modern tables with extension which do not look like extendable, yet they can bear 150 kg.
Hala 3 - C 10 FOR ARCH
Glassed balconies, loggias and terraces of the world quality.
Hala 2 - B 17 FOR ARCH
We ensure the implementation of low-energy ceramic houses in the Czech Republic.
Hala 5 - D 15 FOR ARCH
The German manufacturer Kermi offers a complete program of heating elements (plate, bathroom, design, convectors, heating walls). Also very popular Kermi x-net complete underfloor heating and cooling system incl. regulation, ideal for connection with heat pumps. There is also new, highly efficient ...
Hala 6 - B 13 FOR INTERIOR
Hala 3 - B 12 FOR ARCH
We specialize in mechanical and electronic access systems and complex security of all types of buildings. We have 30 years of experience in the area of security.
Hala 2 - A 14 FOR ARCH
Facing bricks, brick slips, pavers, Klinker, roof tiles, mortar.
Hala 6 - C 16 FOR INTERIOR
Hala 3 - B 3, Hala 2 - C 7 FOR ARCH