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Hala 5 - A 18 FOR ARCH
Traditional Czech manufacturer of design switches and outlets DECENTE, RETRO and VECTIS.
Hala 2 - A 7 FOR ARCH
Production and implementation company focusing on steel structures. We specialize in prefabricated steel structures and other products include steel hanging balconies, urban furniture, steel terraces (loggias) and locksmith products.
Hala 3 - A 8 FOR ARCH
Complex service in the area of opening fills (wood, plastic, aluminium) - replacements of windows and doors in the context of reconstructions and supply of windows and doors to new developments including accessories - sills, blinds, meshes, roof windows. Design and implementation of winter gardens.
Hala 3 - B 20 FOR ARCH
We specialise in new terrazzo poured floors (poured floors made of marble chips). The firm’s other activities include production of the prefabricated terrazzo, poured anhydrite floors, concrete floors self-levelling floors and the renovation and repair of existing floors.
Hala 6 - C 14 FOR INTERIOR
Hala 5 - A 1 FOR ARCH
Hala 5 - B 2b FOR ARCH