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Hala 5 - D 5c FOR ARCH
Hala 4 - C 6 FOR ARCH
Hala 2 - A 1, Hala 2 - A 2, Hala 2 - A 8 FOR ARCH
Wienerberger is the biggest producer of fired bricks and roof tiles in the Czech Republic. Its market portfolio includes the Porotherm masonry system, Tondach fired roofing and roofing accessories, Terca cladding and facing bricks, Penter ceramic tiles and Semmelrock concrete products at the ...
Hala 3 - C 8 FOR ARCH
WindowStar s.r.o. is a traditional Czech manufacturer of wooden and plastic windows and entrance doors for standard and passive houses.
Hala 6 - C 10 FOR INTERIOR
Hala 3 - C 9 FOR ARCH
Hala 3 - B 14 FOR ARCH
Hala 3 - C 6 FOR ARCH
Windows and doors for passive and low-energy houses, local recuperation units and shading technique.
Hala 5 - A 3 FOR ARCH