Allow us to impress you with the unique natural beauty of authentic decorativve concrete! ESTRA stavební s.r.o. company performs a unique, artistic, transparent final treatment of the concrete floors surface made of monolithic screed or cast self-leveling cement screed (Cemflow Look). There is the possibility of colouring, besides you do not risk the failure of the consequent complicated replacement of the tread layer. The ESTRAfloor decorative concrete floor with underfloor heating creates an accumulator that immediately radiates heat into the interior.
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We provide consultation on the household heating sources replacement, on installation of heat pumps and relevant novelties as well as on pipe products (fittings) for the installation of cold and hot water, underfloor heating or cooling, and central heating. We help to solve the problems with heating, water and gas leaks and waste, with a choice of installation materials.
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MAGNISTRETCH STRETCHES AND RELAXES A SPINE DURING SLEEP: Mattresses from the MagniStretch collection use the pressure of the human body on the mattress. The two zones of the mattress expand in opposite directions under pressure. During sleep, they gently stretch the spine and enable the regeneration of individual intervertebral discs and back muscles, release pinched nerves, slow down the process of spinal collapse and improve blood circulation. 8 hours of sleep on MagniStretch mattresses has a similar effect to 30 minutes of intensive stretching. REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY: The quality of sleep regeneration is enhanced by the Memoform memory foam stitched into the cover and by Outlast® thermoregulating fabric. The latter one, originally developed by NASA for space, provides a body with optimal thermal comfort. DEVELOPED BY DOCTORS: This unique system of rehabilitation and active regeneration is an exclusive patent of Magniflex and was developed in collaboration with doctors from the Uni
With a passion for perfect sound, DISK Multimedia and the Vicoustic brand design acoustic solutions meeting the most demanding customer requirements. Whether it's offices, restaurants, cafes or living rooms.
Let us present a full beauty of our upholstered sofa sets Amato, Arcus, Alex, Amare, Amax and the latest one Arte. Together with box spring beds with popular upholstered headboards, they invite you to relax and rest. Come and try which type suits best both you and your lifestyle. You have been sitting and lying on products by Aksamite, the Czech manufacturer of quality upholstered furniture, for 30 years!
You deserve a better home. In every way – bigger, warmer, brighter, quieter, more comfortable, and more luxurious. Our houses are like that. We take care of the each one with the German consistency, from the initial design to the final details tuning and handing over the keys. Over the course of fifty years, we have created a new home for almost 60,000 satisfied families across Europe. The low-energy standard is a matter of course here, Haas house designs even meet the parameters defined for passive houses.
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Design and realisation of interiors and an Interior design showroom - unique by incorporating all the products into the real space of the First Republic villa. A wide portfolio: from colours, fabrics, curtains and wallpapers, furniture, illumination and decorations to grills, bathroom and spa equipment, appliances and entire kitchens. There is an interesting story behind each of our products that we would like to share with you. It doesn't matter if you need a candle, a curtain, new kitchen or the entire interior – come, we'll more than gladly help you to make the right decision!
Paint or varnish with our premium British Fenwick & Tilbrook paints suitable both for interior and exterior use. You can choose from a wide range of pleasant, vibrant, and proven colour shades. We offer coatings for walls, doors, wood, metal, facade and much more. The advantages of Fenwick & Tilbrook paints include excellent coverage, high durability, and the fact that they are ecological, water-based, and odorless. We will be happy to help you select the right shade syntonized to your entire exterior or interior.
Timeless design furniture / practical solutions for every occasion. The company's designer furniture brand was created as an independent branch of Šiba s.r.o., which has been producing transport cases since 1990. The technical design preserves all the structural details of the transport cases, including mobility, functionality and variability. We will adapt the overall original solution of the interior, furniture sets and solitary furniture pieces exactly to your ideas. All production is custom.
Are you building a new house and trying to solve heating costs? Use the cheapest source of energy - wood. NORSK KLEBER talc accumulation stove can generate heat for 12 hours. The stove, is charged with heat from the fire and then releases it into the room for many hours. Just put on the fire in the morning and you can work all day, before you add fuel for the second time. The stove will still be warm when you return.
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