The new Zehnder ComfoClime climate module is designed for reheating, cooling and dehumidifying the air in a controlled ventilation system with heat recovery. Together with the comfortable Zehnder ComfoAir Q ventilation unit, it ensures permanently fresh, clean air with an optimized temperature in the house. Using of inverter air-to-air heat pump technology increases energy efficiency. 100% fresh air, no recirculation. Plug & Play solution is easy to control via app. It helps to obtain a better environmental category.
Hala 5 - D 6 FOR ARCH
Our bioclimatic pergola offers modern way of terrace roofing complete with number of accessories - lighting, shading, an opening transparent roof, sliding side walls. Our pool roofing is characterized by durable profiles, transparent polycarbonate filling, safety locks and a efficient railing.
Hala 4 - C 12 FOR ARCH
We would like to present various types of handles and knobs not only for kitchen cabinets, but also for every piece of furniture, both in the bedroom and bathroom. Our handles are made of solid brass, with attention to the smallest detail. They are like jewelry that will distinguish your furniture from others, give it shine and a unique look. Sometimes just changing the handles you can change the character and appearance of the room.
RETRO collection, inspired the First Republic style, is characterized by а round shape, toggles in white, blасk or patina and also frame materials: traditional white ог blасk ceramics, wood, but also industrial concrete ог timeless glass. The minimalist collection of toggle switches VECTIS consists of аn elegant aluminum раnel, which perfectly complements not only retro interiors, but also those modern. The switches саn bе equipped with оne ог two toggles in white, Ыасk, gold or patina.
Hala 5 - A 18 FOR ARCH
The IZODOM2000 technology enables the rapid construction of a durable and energy-saving buildings. It is designed for customers who appreciate energy-saving solutions and want to save on expenses associated with the heating of the house. IZODOM2000 is a complete system for building passive houses with the best bfoundation slab on the market. The system consists of more than 200 elements that can be connected to each other as a kit to achieve the given size and tare of the house. All kinds of buildings can be built. Subsequently, these elements are filled with concrete.
Hala 2 - B 11 FOR ARCH
We will design the sofa set according to your ideas, create a 3D model, choose the fabric according to your choice, show the functionality, manufacture, import and install it.
Hala 1 - A 14 FOR INTERIOR
A special feature is the patented mechanism that makes it possible to deepen the seat and at the same time increase the height of the backrest. In both leaning positions, the same angle is maintained and thus the comfort of sitting is not impaired. This is the main advantage compared to competing seats of the same type. The sofa has large storage spaces. You can also choose a variant with a folding part, which you can unfold very easily and quickly.
Hala 1 - A 11 FOR INTERIOR
Combining classic elegance, first-class workmanship and comfortable seating, this is the Tiffany sofa. This is the best-selling sofa of the JECH company, mainly due to its practical use. The biggest advantage is the removable Velcro covers. If any of you get dirty, you simply unzip it, take it off and take it to the dry cleaner's. Another advantage is the large washable storage spaces and the folding part for occasional sleeping.
Hala 1 - A 11 FOR INTERIOR
Acoustic comfort brings peace to work and relaxation. It has been proven to increase concentration and productivity. Investing in acoustics has a lasting benefit in the comfort of the environment and significantly increases the intelligibility of the spoken word. Silentmax® acoustic panels absorb unwanted acoustic energy, reducing echo and noise in the room. The panels are maintenance-free and easy to install. They are ecologically produced by 100% recycling PET bottles, are not harmful to health, do not retain odors and are non-flammable.
Hala 2 - B 22 FOR ARCH
At first glance, the Levi sofa impresses with its high legs, overall lightness in the interior, but especially the quality workmanship. You wouldn't say it in it, but it has practical features that you would hardly find in this sofa design. It offers a seat depth of 8 cm, a high-quality and fast folding system with a 140 cm wide bed and removable Velcro covers.
Hala 1 - A 11 FOR INTERIOR