The Swiss company Zehnder is the largest European manufacturer of ventilation units with heat recovery for family houses and apartments with a long tradition. Zehnder develops and supplies not only ventilation units, but a complete system with highly hygienic air distribution system and design grilles and valves. Adjusted, easily combinable elements enable an installation in top quality for the highest customer satisfaction. Individual offers tailored to customer requirements. Technical proposals free of charge, with prices and detailed list of material included.
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Unique decorative radiators for bathrooms and living rooms not only make your home warmer, but also more beautiful. Designed by well-known designers and convincing due to outstanding functionality. New world of colors. Design radiators available in almost 50 colors, chrome and stainless steel. Their wealth of shapes, colours, dimensions and functions provides inspiration for interior design. Zehnder Kazeane - wins you over with its modern design and sense of practicality, bestseller. Zehnder Charleston - the original steel tubular radiator.
Hala 5 - D 6 FOR ARCH
In our company we produce sofas, armchairs, chairs, coffee tables and armchairs for nursing and healthcare. We offer perfect craftsmanship, solid wood construction, more than 300 types of upholstery fabrics, 10 color shades of wood and an above-standard 5-year warranty with post-warranty service. Come and visit us on 20 - 24 September 2022 at the For Interior trade fair in Prague - Letňany. We will present here an almost complete assortment of the JECH company, which you will try out for yourself.
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We build low-energy, recreational and mobile prefabricated houses with the possibility of gradual expansion according to the evolving requirements of clients that may need more living space with time. Modern technology, low energy consumption and current architecture follow current and future housing requirements. We place great emphasis on the quality of design of both model and individual solutions. We will provide you with information at our exposition.
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Excellent heat recovery ventilation units Brink Flair with the best technical parameters and equipment. Air distribution system Air Excellent. Wide range of accessories (humidifier, CO2 sensors, zone reguation, cooling, filtration).
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Suitable for all interior types – apartment, cottage or the terrace. Beautiful decoration during day will become a practical illumination in the evenings. The warm light evokes atmosphere of a candle lights or the setting sun. The image is powered by the battery.
Continuation of the popular New Green Savings program offers subsidies for energy-efficient renovations and construction of family and residential houses. The new phase of the program introduces many innovations, the most substantial is the extension of the support to residential buildings throughout the Czech Republic and the merger with the Dešťovka (Rainwater) program. You can also look forward to innovations in the Operational Program Environment and the National Program Environment offers. We will show you how to apply for a grant successfully. We can also offer useful advice to architects and energy specialists.
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CATALOGUE OF SUPPLIERS AND WOODEN BUILDING PROJECTS 2022 - useful and practical INNOVATION for all the customers who want to build a new wooden house and therefore seek for wooden building projects and suppliers of selected wooden building projects. The list is published as a special edition of DŘEVO & stavby a sruby & timberky magazine. There are turnkey wooden buildings, either from the ranks of standard wooden buildings or individual realizations, to discover on the catalogue pages. There are also model houses by selected wooden buildings suppliers and subcontractors of materials and equipment for wooden buildings.
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Did you know that fragrances affect us more than you think? Millefiori Milano home fragrances add a distinctive scent to your interior and help you discover your unique style. But that's not all... Scents affect our psychological state of mind. They can stimulate or calm the mind. They can help warm the body on a rainy day, or cool it down in the sultry summer. Come and we will help you choose. We are specialists in fragrances.
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We are the first company in the Czech Republic, that fully specialize in rainwater harvesting and stormwater management. We offer complete service from consulting, designing and selling all necessary products needed for installation and maintenance, for both private and commercial sector. We always focus on finding the best solution to meet our customers' needs in an environmentally friendly manner.
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