The new dynamic CXS NAOS collection combines all the features that meet the requirements for modern workwear. Thanks to the special 4-way stretch material, it allows unlimited movement and flexibility. The clothes in this collection are equipped with innovative features, such as an integrated flexible Flex & Fit waist, accessories made of durable CORDURA® material or hidden ventilation on the back,in the armpits and pants.
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The TOPAS domestic WWTP guarantees operation even after an interruption of sewage inflow for up to 6 months. Thanks to the control system which can effectively optimize the reduction of aeration when the inflow is interrupted and also by supplying nutrients to the bacteria by recirculating the remaining water in the WWTP it retains its wastewater treatment function even after 6 months without inflow. This unique solution has been tested by the SZÚ Testing Institute in Brno with excellent results and is therefore ideally suited for recreational operation in cottages.
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DACHSER DIY Logistics symbolizes global logistics services for the home improvement, construction, and gardening sector. DACHSER Chem Logistics offers expertise in chemical logistics and handling dangerous goods.
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The intelligent home control system, which combines zone control of heating / cooling, control of lighting, blinds, shutters, awnings, sliding gates, garage doors, etc. All under the control of one mobile application.
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VarioBreeze™ is a complete zoning solution that has been specifically manufactured to optimize room-by-room ventilation. Simply said, it is ventilation exactly where and when it is needed. That means we are able to ensure better indoor air quality and overall thermal comfort while ventilation system is doing less work. Thanks to that we reduce overall wear of ventilation system and extend its lifespan.
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System 21 includes components for the indoor enviroment of family houses - ventilation, cooling, hot water heating and heating. Its basic feature is integrity and at the same time low investment intensity. The better the envelope of the house, the simpler and less investment-intensive technology the house needs. Ventilation is represented by the Futura recuperation unit, cooling / heating by the CoolBreeze module, hot water heating is solved by means of water with an Ambienta W heat pump and heating by a Volta electric boiler.
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Lamphong Kara chandelier can be used, for example, over a dining table or as stylish illumination of a bar, café ...
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Bamboodesign is focused on custom production of artificial concrete rocks and stones for gardens and swimming pools. We place great emphasis on detailed processing and plausibility of the stone texture during the implementation. The rock massif for a swimming pool in Poreč, Croatia, for which we received the main prize in the European architectural competition belongs to our most memorable projects. You can find other successful projects on our website. They will inspire you to place an artificial rock in your garden or by the pool.
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Porotherm 20 T Profi / Profi Dryfix ground bricks are multi-purpose products. The brick is designed for plastered single-layer internal or external load-bearing masonry with specific requirements. At the same time, it is great one-step solution for the ceiling ring with labour reduced by 20%. Or it can be also used for an inner load-bearing part of layered masonry in combination with thermal insulation. Large holes in the bricks are filled with hydrophobic mineral wool. Hydrophobization ensures non-absorbency of cotton wool in bricks (water flows down it).
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Nidagravel is an alternative to traditional pavings. Ideal for paths, driveways, parking spaces, terraces... Nidagravel infiltrates rainwater directly into the ground and avoids runoff, making it an optimal Sustainable urban Drainage System. The honeycomb structure of nidagravel panels completely stabilises the gravel.
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